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How to Enable CDN Optimizer
How to Enable CDN Optimizer

CDN Optimizer improves the performance of your site through automatic and intelligent optimization of assets.

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Before you can use CDN Optimizer, you need to have enabled the Wordify CDN.

This article explains how to enable the Wordify CDN Optimizer. Learn more about the pricing and benefits of CDN Optimizer here.

Enabling CDN Optimizer:

To enable the CDN Optimizer for your site, follow these steps:

  1. Configure your site by clicking the pencil

  2. Go to Hosting > CDN

  3. Click Enable under Enable CDN Optimizer

  4. That's it! It can take up to 10 mins for the new images to be served by the CDN.

How do I know if it's working?

The easiest way to see if WebP images are being served is to use the developer tools in your browser. Here's how to check in Chrome:

  1. Press F12 to enable Developer Tools

  2. Click the "Network" tab

  3. Refresh the website

  4. Click the "Img" filter - this will only display images

  5. In the "Type", column make sure you're seeing "webp"

Chrome Developer tools showing the webp images under the network tab

You may see images that aren't coming from the CDN Domain, as different types. This is perfectly normal.

Remember, it can take up to 10 mins for webp to start showing up after you've enabled CDN Optimizer. If after 10 mins you're still not seeing webp images, try purging the CDN zone cache.

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