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Enable and Configure Wordify CDN
Enable and Configure Wordify CDN

Wordify CDN lets you accelerate content delivery across all 123 of our locations for a better global user experience

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A CDN is a great way to accelerate your website, especially when the audience is in a different country from the source content.

This article explains how to enable and then utilize the Wordify CDN, which is delivered by our partner

Once you've got your CDN enabled and working, check out CDN Optimizer which provides automatic WebP conversation, image optimization and more.

1. Enabling CDN

To enable the CDN zone for your site, follow these steps:

  1. Configure your site by clicking the pencil

  2. Go to Hosting > CDN

  3. Click "Create CDN"

  4. Choose a CDN Zone Name - if you're not sure, leave the default

  5. Configure WordPress - leave this enabled to automatically install the plugin and configure it

  6. Enable Optimizer (Optional) - This is an optional addon that will convert and optimize images on the CDN. Note: This is a paid option on some plans.

That's it, you're all set! This will have added a Wordify Tools plugin to your site with all the correct settings.

2. Configuring the CDN with Popular Cache Plugins (Optional)

If you would prefer you can also use many popular Cache plugins. We've linked articles below on how to set up some popular plugins.

*Note In the Wordify DashBoard CDN Configuration set Block Root Path to Don't block before configuring these plugins.

3. Clear CDN Cache

There are two ways to clear the cache:

3.1 Wordify Plugin via WordPress Admin area

  1. Log into the WordPress admin area.

  2. Click the Wordify Option in the left-hand admin area

  3. Select CDN

  4. Click "Clear Cache"

3.2 My.Wordify Dashboard app

If you need to clear your CDN cache you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Configure your site by clicking the pencil icon next to your site.

  2. Go to Hosting > CDN

  3. Click Purge

  4. This can take up to 30 seconds and will then remove all the files we hold on the CDN for your site.

4. Deleting/Deactivating the CDN

Note: Before you delete the CDN in the Wordify panel by following the steps below, you must disable the CDN plugin in WordPress or remove the details from your Cache plugin. Failure to do this will break your site.

  1. Configure your site by clicking the pencil

  2. Go to Hosting > CDN

  3. Click "Delete" and confirm

5. Renaming the Pull Zone Name or the CDN URL

Note: In renaming, you will lose your current CDN stats.

To rename a zone please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the Bunny plugin or any CDN configuration from within WordPress

Once this is done you will need to reconfigure the CDN in WordPress by following Step 2 or Step 3 above.

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