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Wordify Outbound Email - SendGrid
Wordify Outbound Email - SendGrid

This article describes how outbound email works with Wordify and different options for outbound email in WordPress

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Your Wordify site is already configured to send outbound emails via SendGrid for low-volume traffic. Note: outbound ports 25 and 587 are blocked from sending mail directly from Wordify sites.

If you want to send a high-volume email, speak to our support team about options.

Things you can do to improve the reliability of outbound email:

1. Use the correct From address in outbound emails

If you're setting the from address, use the custom domain of your website or the temp url domain. For example, if your site was you could use the outbound email [email protected] or if your site temp URL was you could use [email protected]

Site URL: -> From Address: [email protected]

Site URL: -> From Address: [email protected]

Do not use an email address belonging to a separate domain such as to send via Wordify as google's policies won't allow the recipient to receive the email.

2. Set an SPF record

If you're using a custom domain, adding SendGrid to your SPF record can help. SPF records exist as DNS TXT type records and allow external parties to check what sending hosts a particular domain allows.

If you don't have an existing record, simply create a TXT DNS record as follows:

v=spf1 ~all

If you have an existing SPF record such as:

v=spf1 ~all

Modify it to add the "" as follows:

v=spf1 ~all

You can check your SPF record using this online tool:

3. Setup your own Outbound email gateway

If you want to improve email deliverability, send higher email volumes and get more information about the emails your sending a dedicated email gateway is a great way to go.

Popular options are:

  1. Sendgrid

  2. Amazon SES

  3. Mailgun

We recommend using the Fluent SMTP plugin to configure the services:

4. I'm using DKIM and DMARC on my domain, what do i need to do?

If your domain is currently using a DMARC policy along with corresponding DKIM keys, you will need to set up a custom gateway as per step 3 to send email out from Wordify using your domain.

Unfortunately, Wordify doesn't support custom DKIM keys presently, so a dedicated gateway account is required so you can see the appropriate keys.

If you need help with outbound email please contact us to discuss options.

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