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Disable Server Cache for static objects (webp)
Disable Server Cache for static objects (webp)

Wordify uses a SmartCache to speed up content delivery. This article explains how to disable the option for static objects.

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Wordify utilizes a reverse proxy cache technology with nginx which we call SmartCache.

Caches can greatly benefit site performance and the end-user experience for certain types of content. Unfortunately not all content works so SmartCache will detect when this is the case and automatically bypass it.

However, there are a couple of scenarios when we need to add in a "Static Cache Bypass" which we have detailed below:

Bypassing Server cache for webp optimization plugins

If your site utilizes a webp plugin that provides on the fly optimization only for browsers that support webp, a static cache bypass is required to ensure this function works correctly.

To add a static cache bypass for a site please contact us via chat or [email protected] and request a static cache bypass for your site.

Other plugins applications

If you need to bypass our cache for other applications we would first recommend logging into wp-admin and trying again.

Logging into WP Admin will automatically bypass the cache for that user. This is useful in development where any caching can create issues with seeing page updates etc.

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