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What Security / Malware protection does Wordify provide?
What Security / Malware protection does Wordify provide?

Understand more about the security measures Wordify utilizes and other WordPress plugins you might want to consider

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Wordify provides the following Security features as standard:

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) - using ModSec WordPress specific rules Wordify prevents a lot of attacks such as brute force, and XML RPC in the Web server layer before the attacker even gets a chance to interact with WordPress

  • Captcha proxy (Beta) - System scripted attacks are by far the most common level of attack. Our Captcha proxy sits right at the front and will divert any suspicious users to the captcha page to prove they are human before allowing them access to the site.

  • Realtime Malware Scanning + Auto clean - Our systems scan all new files in real-time to check them for suspicious malware. Once detected we will automatically remove the malicious code from the files. If that's not possible, as a last resort we will quarantine the infected files.

  • Firewall + Intrusion Protection System (IPS) - Standard network-based firewalling protects the application servers utilizing IPS to block malicious hosts automatically.

  • Daily Backups - We take daily backups in the event we have to roll back to a previous version as a last resort.

  • Auto Updates for WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes - One of the best ways of protecting your WordPress sites is still to keep all the core files, plugins and themes up to date. Our control panel enables this to be done automatically with the flick of a switch.

  • Free SSL Certificates - All WordPress sites and endpoints are protected with Free SSL certificates to ensure all traffic between customers and servers remains secured.

As you can see from the above list Wordify has taken extensive steps to ensure your sites and data remain secure.

There are also some other techniques and plugins that might apply to your site which can you read more about here

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