The Wordify Affiliate Program is our way of thanking you for all the customers you send our way.

We get that our fantastic support and reliably fast hosting are the main reasons. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get rewarded.

Our affiliate program will pay you 300% of the first month's payment with no caps whatsoever.

In summary, here's everything you need to do:

1. Apply now.

After logging in to Wordify, click the Affiliate tab on the left-hand menu bar and then, click the APPLY NOW! button.

After clicking the button, you will be brought to another page.

2. Enter your contact details.

The next step is to enter your information.

Then, click on the Send button at the bottom of the page.

After sending your contact details, Wordify will let you know that your message has been sent.

That's it! All you have to do now is sit back and wait for someone from Wordify to contact you.

If you encountered any problems or difficulties, send us a message and we will get back right at you.

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