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How do I create a staging site?
How do I create a staging site?

Create a staging site in four clicks.

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A staging site is a linked copy of your website that you can easily sync with the parent site using the Push button.

You also use the staging site to test any changes or new features that you want to implement.

Please note that before you can create a staging site, your website must be a LiveSite (paid plan) on Wordify.

If you are planning to upgrade your DevSite (free) to LiveSite, read this guide.

In summary, here's how to create a staging site in Wordify:

To break it down, here are the steps:

1. Select the LiveSite you want to create a staging site on.

First off, select the LiveSite (a website currently on Wordify's paid plan) and click on the Edit button (pencil icon).

2. Add a staging site.

On the next page, click Staging from the left-hand menu and click the ADD STAGING SITE button.

Modify the staging URL according to how you like it and click on CONFIRM.

That's it! If you would like to edit the new staging site, simply click on the WordPress icon.

If you decide to push the changes to the live site, just click on the Upload button beside the WordPress icon.

If you encountered any problems or difficulties, send us a message and we will get back right at you.

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