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Transfer a Site to someone else for payment
Transfer a Site to someone else for payment

You can transfer an existing WordPress site (Free or Paid) to someone else for payment by following the steps in this article

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After you've finished developing a site, you can "transfer" it to your end customer so that they can pick up the bill.

If you want to upgrade the site and pay for it yourself, please see our article on How to Upgrade your Site.

Transferring a Wordify Site

1. From the "Sites" page, click the edit (pencil) on the site, you want to transfer.

2. From the menu, choose Billing > Transfer.

3. Enter the details of the person you want to transfer the site to along with the plan.

4. Press "Transfer Site" to proceed.

That's it! At this point, the person picking up the account will receive an email with the steps they need to follow to take control.


What happens to my access once I hit transfer?

When you click the transfer an email gets sent to the client asking them to create an account and accept the transfer. This doesn't change any access to the site until they accept the transfer. On the acceptance screen, they have a checkbox option that is pre-selected that asks them if they should retain access. If they leave it checked then you will retain access to the site. If they uncheck the checkbox and accept the transfer you will lose access.

To access the site after transfer you need to switch to your client's team. To do that there is a menu underneath your profile image in the bottom left corner of the Dashboard that allows you to select your client's team.

Will I receive an affiliate payment for sites I Transfer?

Yes! If you register to become an affiliate, you will automatically receive a commission on every site you transfer!

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