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How do DevSites work on the Free Plan?
How do DevSites work on the Free Plan?

An explanation of the DevSite Feature of Wordify

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What are DevSites?

DevSites are free WordPress websites that can be used for developing and then sharing your WordPress Sites with clients.

How do I access my DevSite?

DevSites are password protected to ensure your site stays safe during the development process. 

To access your DevSite follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose the Site to Access 

From the Sites page click the edit icon to the right of the site you wish to access:

Step 2: Copy the Password 

From the Site Overview section copy the password from the DevSite Password box

Step 3: Open the site and paste the details

Click on the Site Url link to open the site and enter "wordify" as the username and paste the password:

How do i remove the Password when the site is ready to go live?

Easy! Just click on the "Transfer to Client" option in the Manage Site page and fill in the form!


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